Niantic shifts focus from Pokémon Go to AR basketball game, NBA All-World

Shaun M Jooste


It seems that Niantic is changing gear from finding creatures in Pokémon Go to becoming a pro basketball player in the upcoming AR game, NBA All-World. What makes the occasion special is that the NBPA and NBA are both partnering with the developer to make this an NBA 2022/2023 season to remember. It will also be a step towards a new AR title in the metaverse.


If you have a standard basketball court in your area, you can turn it into an NBA-themed court with all the frills of the championship. Like Pokémon Go, NBA All-World changes how the real world looks on your phone. It will feel like you’re participating in the matches, and you can score a few points too.

Niantic shifts focus from Pokémon Go to AR basketball game, NBA All-World

While the trailer doesn’t really tease enough information, the official website is already live and ready for pre-registration. When it goes live, you’ll be able to meet other players on the court and challenge them to encounters. What this means is you have the opportunity for a 1-on-1 battle to see who’s the best at taking basketball shops. 

The other option is recruiting the player to your team so you can take on other teams. If you’re alone, you have the chance to practice your virtual shooting or beef up some of your stats. They include Fitness, Defense, Offense, and Energy levels. 

It seems like Niantic is really eager to expand into the AR realm, especially with the recent announcement of its AR Lightship platform, VPS. With Pokémon Go also growing further, it’s going to be incredible to see them hard at work this year.

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